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They hid themselves from the possible pursuit and lost the way in the scaffolding. They entirely were knocked out from the forces from the run and otchayan'ya, from irreversibility and sweetness of that happening, from needlessness and gravity of raskayan'ya. Senseless run. As flash - understanding, that the payment is inevitable, and drop on the soft grass. It fell asleep immediately. But it lay next, after substituting hand under the head, and it listened attentively into its respiration, attempting to reject anxiety, to catch rhythm and to fall asleep... But further - you be that it will be...
Judge approached inaudibly. But, as usual, as if its presence filled entire peace. It simply stood and kept silent. They will then say that it hailed by tube voice. But not there was need for making to it this. It opened eyes and said: "punish me, this is my fault, not him. I please you, do not only touch it ".
- why? - to judge it was not necessary to speak this aloud, words simply appeared in its head, however, as always.
- well, there was there such... Slippery type... I'm first even she did not want with it to talk, and then... You know, in it the well suspended language...
- girl my, I'm so he did not want, that you saw me in this appearance, but... I ask you again: Why?
- father... I'm she did not want!
- I ask you again: Why?
- it is good. I had long ago been assembled to make this, but you so strictly forbade... Me consumed curiosity... I it for long nurtured plan as to go around prohibition, I attempted to use cunning... And... You nevertheless us will punish... So to that and to be.
- child is my. You so did not understand a question. Actually, now supporting frameworks shut your spiritual sight. - it smiled sadly, but... it should not have so smile! - I did ask you, why you was ready to take his fault for yourself?
- I'm said, it were not guilty, this I'm!
Sad, entire understanding, entire embracing view... It did not maintain and began to cry, it is first somewhere deep inside itself, then tears began to rise upward on the throat, they approached to the eyes. They filled it and flowed on face. "so this is how this is, it thought, here, which means, as..."
- because I love it! - it screamed out hysterical and nervously. And it finished in a whisper - I love more than you, father.
- I you is ready for the fact that they will punish you, but not him? What the memory your after death we will be darkened by this disgrace? That on your daughters will fall entire the contempt, which it had to fall on it, and by them will be assigned all those sins, with which you charged yourself - pride, insidiousness, superfluous curiosity... It will easily tempt them by beautiful words. As their mother. Indeed truth will be reliably sheltered. You is ready for this?
- they me will understand. Indeed they will also love, father. To love that, who next to them... Is more than you, father... Sorry.
- that zh, yes will be thus. Only once it will return to the peace. That to expiate its sin.
- father, but you promised!
- not to punish him entirely... I'm not can. But not battle, it will expiate misdeed... as... Rescuer. Yes, let it be precisely thus. On it not it will be in the consequence said not one poor word. Its sons will curse your daughters. But they will glorify him, to it they will to worship. As to my Son. - to it was heard irony in the voice of judge.
- to what you laugh, indeed he is your son!
But judge already disappeared, and only echo answered by it. Man, who lay next, moved:
- did find he us, loved?
- no, Adam, no... Everything in the order, still is time, sleep.
They hid themselves from the pursuit and lost the way in the scaffolding, where never earlier they strayed. Among drev of the protoplastic garden.
13 March 2004.
Photos from the role games |  Journeys and the impression |  My prose |  Historical suit
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