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"... fingers from all forces stuck into the bush, torchashchiy from the cliff and which is already fed under the gravity of the powerful body of soldier. And in no way it was obtained to grope by feet at least minimum ledge or small crack on this perpendicular wall. Entire its past life... "
Yes, here with this there was problem. Entire its past life before the eyes of my hero in no way wanted to flicker. Although some pieces there nevertheless were examined. Like the regret, which could not cover darling from the tavern. Or the vision of the pair of juicy, in the fragrant butcher shop to the juice of parrying, by which it promised to feed the temple's cook. This clearly did not suffice before the life as a whole. And increasingly more me did not please itself scoffing, allegedly apologizing itself smirk on face of this dandy.
Generally, this was the idea of my literary agent. Moreover first everything seemed simply noticeably: I will prove to be in a number with the remarkable masters of genre, who undertook the description of the adventures of this hero after death of his creator; everything is coordinated with the owners of rights, fee... about sum of I'm of modesty I will hush up... No, well to me still then to think, that everything goes somehow too smoothly...
Away from the joyless reflections the delicate tussiculation, which improbably resembled the scoffing giggling, detached me.
- To khe-khe, mrs. the author, even balancing on the face of life and death this extremely tenacious hero it did not appear neither depressed nor by separately tired, A you does not seem that these are your own dies and stereotypes did bring us into the blind situation? Here is without fail entire life? And by the way, about the parrying - this is your intrinsic projection: you today even did not deign to breakfast, but outside evening.
No, well this already caddishness, so it will begin to still dictate to me the text of novel, it is necessary it to somehow precipitate:
- can also about the darling my projection?
The view of hero became already entirely venemous:
- I'm he did not want to stimulate attention, but you themselves addressed about this. When in you for the last time...
- yes that you for yourself allow! And generally, to you word that similar to know is not proposed, you the simply unbelting himself book hero with the heap of musculature instead of is cerebral!
Face of soldier became a little haughty:
- first, I'm even not your character: that you generally can know about that as I it must speak, and already those more think. Note, my literary papochka took some pains itself to describe neither my thoughts nor my sincere experiences, being limited only to the fairly simplified and reduced dialogues, by the descriptions of environment and actions, by one adroit motion after being repelled from the cliff, the giant proved to be in me after the back, after awarding me undoubtedly by splendid body (to which, by the way, it envied) papochka did not take some pains itself to bring up in me soul. It was necessary to study self-education. Kha, he did not think that I nevertheless will know how to conquer hearts of millions of admirers, after pushing aside its very. This was my small vengeance. As a result it put an end to itself. And I selected foster father for itself. In it I'm to much it learned.Together we wrote one amusing book, which is present simultaneously in two peaces. "nekronomikon", can, they did hear? With its aid it is possible to pass from the peace of the book to real, but in this case it is necessary to transfer real person into the peace literary. And this person must satisfy some conditions... For example? Well, for the beginning - to possess powerful creative imagination. However, not I will tire you by details.
My second of papochka was sly starikanom, and in a word it mentioned neither about our co-authorship nor about the essence of the book. And generally it it was complicated to go around: something about the book of papochka it concealed even from me. And it created too many "children", who it reliably guarded. As a result I again replaced father... And again...
Conan's voice above the ear became deceptive it was insinuating and soft:
- thus far he did not understand that it is necessary to search for mummy...
the night of 31.12.2005 yr - 01.01.2006
Photos from the role games |  Journeys and the impression |  My prose |  Historical suit
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