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Library Iranian textiles. 16th-17th centuries

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Iranian textiles. 16th-17th centuries
Brocade. Rosebush with a bird.
Persia, mid - 17th century
The Hermitage, Leningrad
Aurora Art Publishers. Leningrad. 1975
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Iranian textiles. 16th-17th centuries

Title. Brocade. Rosebush with a bird
Brocade. Youth shooting at two animals attacking his horse
Brocade. Alternating vertical bands
Brocade. Repeats of a cone motive containing a compact arrangement of flowers
Brocade. Ogival framework enclosing bouquets of carnations
Brocade (part of a coat). Floral pattern with lotuses
Brocade (part of a robe). Repeats of flowering plants
Brocade. End of a waist sash
Cut voided velvet (part of a robe). Design of flowers and rosettes
Textile (cotton?). Floral design woven in velvet on a silver ground decorated
Satin brocaded. Sprays with conventional flowers and narcissi
Satin brocaded. Ogival framework of arabesques
Satin brocaded. Narcissi on curved stems
Silk. Continuous serpentine stems with carnations, irises, and leaves
Silk (twill). Scenes after miniature paintings
Silk (twill). Scenes after miniature paintings
Silk with silver and gilt threads
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