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Library Retro automobiles

Today, when automobile solidly entered into our way of life, interest in its history became the same universal as application. It is difficult to isolate any country as the cradle of automobile. Its generation, development, propagation is international. The very first models, built by Germans by Gottlieb by Daimler and Karl bentsem, Frenchmen by Louis panar and Emil levassor, Russians by Yevgeny by Yakovlev and Peter freze, anglicha. NAMI by Frederic Lanchester and by John Knight, by the Americans of Frank dyuriye and Henry by Ford, by Italians Enrike Of bernardi and Aristidom Fachcholli, became prototypes for the countless later constructions in all countries of peace.
As to reflect entire their variety, if more than 5 thousand automobile stamps arose for one hundred with the small of years; moreover each was represented by sometimes several hundred models!..
The automobiles of release 1898 - 1932 - the rarest. Among them there are domestic, true, they not all were preserved, but of ten of known at present copies in the complete set were represented three most interesting: "Russo-Balt-K12 20", Amo-f15, Nami-1. Are shown the machines of foreign plants, moreover some of them as, for example, "Stoewer", for the limits OF THE USSR it were not preserved.
Numerous unique models of machines are assembled in entire peace, some of them are exposed in different museums, others are stored in the collections of enthusiasts, united into the clubs of ancient automobiles. "revere before the tracks of the past" - these words ancient-Roman poet Publiy Of papiniy Of statsiy wrote almost two thousand years ago. That itself without suspecting, in this phrase it formulated the essence of the activity of museums and collectors. Because of them we today can visualize the way of development of automobile technology not only on the archive documents and the periodical publications, but also on the acting models.

In our country ancient machines are preserved and restored by both the museums and by individual enthusiasts from the clubs of avtomotostariny. Today in the different cities already act four ten such clubs. They unite 2500 - 2700 people, who manage 3500 - 3800 by ancient automobiles and motorcycles. The leading part among them play clubs the "pathfinders of avtomotostariny" (Moscow), AAK (Latvian SSR), "tried to grasp" (Estonian SSR), "self-feed" (Leningrad).
Numerous interesting machines are demonstrated in the halls of polytechnic museum, and also in the museums of the plants OF AZLK - AUTOMOBILE PLANT IM. LENIN KOMSOMOL, gas, in the museums of local lore. Riga the museum of the ministry of truck transport and highways of Latvian SSR enters into the system. The museum exhibits have reliable refuge and the well-defined future. However, as far as particular collections are concerned, for the protection of single-design machines some of them began to place on the state calculation as the monuments of culture. All these models - not dead exhibits. They find in running order and, moreover, in all details correspond to the original, prepared many years ago.
Photos: Y. Povolotskiy
Text: L. Shugurov
© "Planet", 1988

Retro automobiles

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