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Hobbies Role Game Photos

After several years of enthusiasm by role games in me were accumulated a sufficiently large quantity of photographs. Something was removed 4, something - husband, something (and sufficiently much) is taken and it is presented by friends. But simple to sit and to possess in lonely this wealth it became somehow... inconveniently, that whether.
So that you look, admire, recall as it was. Yet not all is lined, I will gradually renew.

Role Game Photos

Place of Whitewater (14 photos)
Beltane (3 photos)
Babylon-5 (47 photos)
Glipcon (11 photos)
Egypt (4 photos)
castle (9 photos)
Ivan Kupala (2 photos)
may 1942 (36 photos)
Isle (13 photos)
Anchorite (16 photos)
Paradisiacal Garden (26 photos)
Shadows of Empire (28 photos)
Ur Hi (8 photos)
The Lord of the Rings (2002 yr) (25 photos)
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