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the furniture of ancient Egypt
the furniture of ancient Greece
the furniture of ancient Rome
the byzantine furniture
the romance style of the furniture
the Gothic style of the furniture
the furniture of the renaissance
the furniture of the baroque
the furniture of the rococo
the furniture of the classicism
the furniture of the style of late classicism - "empire style"
the furniture of western Europe of the XIX - the XX of century.
the Russian furniture
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To the formation of the style of ancient-Roman furniture exerted strong influence Greece and Egypt, conquered and connected to the Roman empire.
The excavations of ancient-Roman is municipal Gerkulanuma and the Pompeis gave rich material for studying the Roman furniture. With the general similarity to the Greek furniture the furniture of Roman empire (III v. BC.) it is overloaded by adornments with the ornamentation, modelling and thread. Numerous wars and love for the luxury were reflected in the nature of working furniture. Theme of ornamentation - military trophies. Basic material of the production of Roman furniture - tree, marble and bronze.
The characteristic forms of Roman furniture they were the bench for two (bitsellium), which was being intended for the separately deserved citizens; kurul'noye armchair for the high officials (consuls, praetors) - stool with the legs, which are crossed in the form of the letter "X"; the armchair of house owner and emperor throne (solium), which they made rich in those decorated, with the elbow-rests, on the high legs and placed on the small pedestal. Chairs with the backs were called katedroy. Tables, just as in Greece, were low; around the table was placed kline (bed), on which they reclined during the meal.
Table even three gunstock they were called trikliniumom. So was called the room, in which they had dinner.

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