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the furniture of ancient Egypt
the furniture of ancient Greece
the furniture of ancient Rome
the byzantine furniture
the romance style of the furniture
the Gothic style of the furniture
the furniture of the renaissance
the furniture of the baroque
the furniture of the rococo
the furniture of the classicism
the furniture of the style of late classicism - "empire style"
the furniture of western Europe of the XIX - the XX of century.
the Russian furniture
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In the apartment houses of the bourgeoisie and merchants in the 20's of the XIX century appears more intimate modest in comparison with the objects of style the empire style the furniture, which was called name furniture of the style of bidermeyer.

With the creation of the things of the style of bidermeyer main attention was paid to the convenience and the cosiness of the surrounded accomodation. Furniture made small sizes, with the harmonious, rounded lines, without the superfluous adornments, using a beautiful invoice of plywood of the different species of tree (mahogany, birch, pear).
Calico and reps were basic materials for the upholstering.

Very extended became furniture with the drawers in the form of cabinets, chests of drawers, working tables, sekreterov, vitrinok, different set of shelvess, trellises, supports, sofas and sofas. From the 30th it is annual the XIX century it is characteristic the rapid change of mode to the furniture. The objects of situation, created at this time, repeated things of the passed styles - Gothics, rococo, renaissance. In some models of furniture the elements of different styles are arranged. This leads to the eclectic, uninteresting forms. Was fashionable soft furniture with the set of draperies, frills and pillows.
Enthusiasm by eastern furniture appears. Enter into consumption soft Turkish sofas, sofas, smoking tables, Chinese and Japanese objects of situation. At the end of the 40th is annual it is repeated the style of rococo, which was called in England the style Queen Victoria, in France the style of Ludovik- Philipp, and is later than the style of Napoleon III. Fashionable furniture in the 50's OF THE XIX century was the bent (Viennese) furniture, which received wide acceptance because of the fact that it was cheap, light and convenient in the use.
In the 90's OF THE XIX century appears the style of modern, characteristic by the searches for new forms in the furniture, in its finishing and material. The furniture of the style of modern was very different. The creators of this style in their solutions approached larger comfort, hygiene, new compositions.
The furniture of the style of modern does not have the clear, logically substantiated architectural form, for its adornment the asymmetric solutions of composition are used.
Mahogany leaves from the mode. It is substituted by oak, nut, birch, pear, maple of bright tones. Contemporary furniture is characterized by laconicism, simplicity of form, unification of details for convenience in the mass production. The beauty of thing is reached by the development of the invoice of tree and by the harmony of the very form of object.

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