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the furniture of ancient Egypt
the furniture of ancient Greece
the furniture of ancient Rome
the byzantine furniture
the romance style of the furniture
the Gothic style of the furniture
the furniture of the renaissance
the furniture of the baroque
the furniture of the rococo
the furniture of the classicism
the furniture of the style of late classicism - "empire style"
the furniture of western Europe of the XIX - the XX of century.
the Russian furniture
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In its forms the furniture of Greece was close to the Egyptian. By the most common form of the Ancient Greek furniture of 'yl chest. For preparing the furniture in essence they used bronze, tree and marble. The authentic models of wooden Greek furniture it was not preserved. We know about it on the images in the vase painting, in the bas reliefs, according to its descriptions in the works of Greek writers. In THE V century to our era - in the period of the bloom of all skills of Greece - in the furniture arose new forms, more diverse and more perfect in the proportions and the working. The harmony of proportions and forms, characteristic of Greek architecture, it appeared also in the furniture. Is characteristic stool on four legs (difros). Were preserved the images of chair (klismos) and the gunstock (kline), that is shallow box on the legs. The legs of furniture made in the form of lion paws with the wings of griffins, on top they concluded with heads behave like a beast, griffins, sphinxes, by the branches of acanthus and so forth, etc. In the armchairs and the sofas from the same forms the arm rests were done. During the food the people reclined on kline, set around the table. Tables (trapedza) were made by low. They were round or rectangular on the form and in the majority of the cases movable. After their food they began to move under kline, whose height was equal approximately to meter.

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