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the furniture of ancient Egypt
the furniture of ancient Greece
the furniture of ancient Rome
the byzantine furniture
the romance style of the furniture
the Gothic style of the furniture
the furniture of the renaissance
the furniture of the baroque
the furniture of the rococo
the furniture of the classicism
the furniture of the style of late classicism - "empire style"
the furniture of western Europe of the XIX - the XX of century.
the Russian furniture
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In the situation of the dwellings of those being developing Europe it is municipal from the second-half OF THE XIII century begin to appear the objects with the elements of Gothic architecture. France was the ancestor of this new lancet style. Things began to make with lighter more ordered more elegant.
FOR adorning the furniture they began to use the thread, in ornament of which predominated architectural and plant motives, image of the scenes of contemporary life, sculptural adornments.

The primary construction of furniture changed. Now with its production they began to make the body, into which were put the panels, covered with thread, by painting and gilding. Oak and chestnut were basic materials. Manufactured furniture joiner, engraver, metal craftsman, and with finishing dealt painters and pozolotchiki. On the whole the furniture of Gothic style is very simple. Trunk with the deaf, high back, the arm rests and the lift seat was the basic form of Gothic armchair. The same type there were benches with the shed (canopy). Shed they decorated with architectural details, by spires and by the like of bed made with the high backs and the canopies. Cabinets -postavqy also had at their basis the presented to the legs trunk. With the production of furniture the binding by spills widely adapted.

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