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the furniture of ancient Egypt
the furniture of ancient Greece
the furniture of ancient Rome
the byzantine furniture
the romance style of the furniture
the Gothic style of the furniture
the furniture of the renaissance
the furniture of the baroque
the furniture of the rococo
the furniture of the classicism
the furniture of the style of late classicism - "empire style"
the furniture of western Europe of the XIX - the XX of century.
the Russian furniture
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n Byzantium (with THE IV on XV in.) completely was preserved the Roman nature furniture, of furniture, but excessive enthusiasm by luxury, the over-saturation of the objects of situation destroyed the refinement of the forms of furniture by adornments. With its production it were done support to the valuable materials - gold, ivory, precious stones, which contributed to the complete destruction of byzantine furniture. To the present it reached its almost no models, were preserved only the images of furniture on the miniatures.
In the byzantine dwellings the cloths were very disseminated. From the figured silk cloths made the curtains, the covers, the tablecloths. Used Byzantines soft furniture - low sofas, ottoman, borrowed from Persii and other oriental countries.

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