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The retro automobiles

The Introduction
«Dixi DA1»
«Combat vehicle of salvo fire BM-13 (Katusha)»
«M-72 (motorcycle with the side-car)»
«GAZ-20 (Pobeda)»
«GAZ-21 (Volga)»
«GAZ-12 (ZIM)»
«ZAZ-965A Zaporozhets»
«Fiat-503» (»тали€ 1926 )
Photo automobile. Fiat-503

Small-capacity model was produced into 1926 and 1927. The feature Of design: multiple-plate cohesion, the supply of gasoline to the carburetor by vacuum pump.

Engine: 4-cylinder
Working volume: 1460 cm3
Power: 27 hp
Gearbox: 4
Distance between axises: 2750 mm
Mass: 1100 kg
Speed: 75 km/h
Body: four-place
Type: "torpedo"
Designer: K. Kavalli
Are prepared 42 000 pieces. Machine is preserved By N. Stumbris, member of club AAK (Riga).
Photos: Y. Povolotskiy
Text: L. Shugurov
© "Planet", 1988
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