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Yuri Nekrasov

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It were borne by the snowy evening on 2 October, 1978, in g.Sverdlovske.
11 years it lived in Latvia, where was oschastlivlen secondary education. Since 1996 I dwell in Ekaterinburg, where was successfully obtained higher education in the sphere of journalism (issue 2001, Ural State University, specialty "periodicals"). Took part in different printed and Internet publications. I prefer the artistic- publicistic genres: review, review.
Since 1998 I regularly write the prosaic works of small form. I return the tribute of special respect to the unrealistic content. I have in personal archive on the order of 300 (300) stories. Hot amateur of the most diverse fantasy. Participant in the master- class G.L. Of oldi to "Russcon-2002" (festival of the amateurs of fantasy in Moscow), the conqueror of literary competition to "Zilantcon-2001" in the nomination "prose".

(modest tribute to Kafka)

Break arrived with the dark evening among Tresca of logs in the fireplace, substantial supper and complete prosperity. Reading evening newspaper and after puckering from the human bluntness, it unexpectedly perceived strange change in itself: foundation was somewhere placed. It felt this by the skin, by the tips of hair and even by this newspaper, which it continued to compress in the palms.
Language slid on the dried up lips. Foundation. It could not understand, explain that occurred, but feeling they shouted to it about this.
After waving by hand, it did not begin to stimulate attention in this and it left to rest.
In the morning foundation awoke together with it. Not not at all changed for the night, durable, persistently perceived. Present.
To the work it went with an unpleasant feeling in the soul, irritable and embittered.
The curved legs of girl in the short dress, who marched in front of it, caused steadfast aversion. And foundation released violent flights! Elegant walls in the open modelling stretched themselves upward, forming the body of future building. From the horror in it it darkened in the eyes. After pressing face by palms, it attempted to erase cursed means, to throw out it from itself! Vainly.
That depressed and that tormented by its architectural psychosis, it despondently shaved from the work. In the mailbox some correspondence, which it unwillingly reached to the light God, was seen. From the surprise its eyes were thrown open wider than the permissible limits. It won 10 thousand pounds into the lottery! The wave of the leaned happiness nearly brought down it from the feet. And, as if made up by this feeling, again grew up hateful building, after being bent out by light arches - ribs.
Soon life entered into the customary track with its everyday happiness and adversities. Building left it not for the minute: it turned with it in the sleep, it lapped in the tank and laughed loud before the television set. From time to time it perceptibly grew up, ever more acquiring by details taking shape. Outwardly it resembled the splendid Gothic cathedral, majestic and mysterious, boldly directed upwards.
It already had time to get accustomed to it, now he even understood the reason for its increase - any emotional- estimated actions. Thus, building could acquire by many-colored stained-glass panels, after absorbing its spite apropos of the broken toothbrush, or interlace by intricate lace of thread, reacting to the enthusiasm from the victory of football command. One remained constant: whatever was a feeling, building became increasingly more excellent and it is more excellent.
No, it was subdued far from immediately. How many won money were spent to the doctors and the medicines. In the course soon send even ekstrasensy - magicians - charlatans. Cathedral was firm!
Sometimes to it they made smooth such melancholy, that it tikhonechko ached, sliding by mental look on the smooth bends of the raised upwards building. The thickening chimeras and merciful nebozhiteli seemed to to it by the hardened defects and by virtues, and the oak folds of entrance doors - by gates of its soul.
Life for it slowly was converted into khramosozertsaniye. By ukradkoy, cautious mowing along the sides, it sometimes specially provoked itself on the emotion and, admiring consequences, very often beaters itself then on the fingers, hysterically giggling and fearing. It began to greatly fear end. Not death, not oblivion, but the end of this infernal building. This fear also added tiles on the turrets and lepniny around the narrow lancet windows.
End began suddenly.
Bright sleep dreamed to it. Very bright: about the green meadow and the white trigger on it. From the pleasure it even zaplyamkal by lips. Such sleeps had long ago been not dreamed to it.
And its cathedral suddenly grew among the meadow, on the building blocks it were gathered from the nonexistence. From the unexpected contingency it villages and widely threw open eyes. It were strained.
And cathedral in its soul addressed...

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