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Zelikovskiy Vadim Vladimirovich

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1948 g.r.
1972. - finished Leningrad State the institute of theater, music and cinematography (LGITMiK) the specialty: the direction of television.

Work: Odessa television studio, Odessa motion picture studio, Minsk television studio, the motion picture studio of im.Gor'kogo, central television.

The author is more than twenty plays. Last set in Russia - «Jane», musical on the motives of the works Of Moema, (Moscow theater of operetta, composer A.Kremer, in the main role Of T.Shmyga).

The author is more than hundred songs. (songs to film «Holidays of Petrov & Vasechkin», film «Necessary people», film «She's not like»).

Author of eleven novels. Last left book - «No prophet...», (publishing house «Afina»)

Electronic address: e-mail: Selikow @  

 a series OF "UNITED NATIONS" - the "force of special designation"

Today in the final form there are six novels from this series
1. "007 in the Soviet manner"
2. "the corpses does not happen to have troubles"
3. "crumb, we fly in Baden- Baden"
4. "trap for the millionaire"
5. "angel from the netherworld"
6. "namesake on the nickname" artist "
Briefly the content:
1. "007 in the Soviet manner". Main hero Vyacheslav kazantsev - Soviet intelligence officer, the captain OF THE KGB. Even in the Soviet period conducts the investigation of the disappeared oil-producing complex, set on the contract in one of the countries of the Near East. As a result it is explained, that the oil-producing complex occurs weapon that surprise even for the hero. It is printed in the publishing house "Bukm3n" by the name "expert of interested party".
2. "the corpses does not happen to have troubles". Main hero Of kerk of Kennedy - former sea landing force member, and now writer scenario. Randomly it becomes the witness of the murder of young person. After which it begins its "particular" investigation. It occurs that entire matter in there is no time disappeared enormous money of one of the mafioznykh "families", which chase different people. With the same investigation deals its former colleague on the force of marines, and now the Lieutenant of the New York police Roger Washington.
3. "crumb, we fly in Baden- Baden". Main hero Vyacheslav kazantsev, who left into the resignation in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and who opened particular criminal-investigation agency "glory". It conducts, the assigned to it by certain person particular investigation, which leads it into Baden- Baden, where it is encountered with its old familiar on the history "007 in the Soviet manner". In this novel it encounters Vyacheslav Barishev, which becomes its partner, and agency is re-named into the agency of "namesake". 
It is printed in the publishing house "Bukm3n"
4. "trap for the millionaire". Main hero Igor ostrogorskiy, inspector from Petrovki supervises about the loss of the well-known science fiction writer, who asserted in entire his creation that it find in the contact with inoplanetyanami, which have in their arsenal the "machine of time". Hence allegedly this its detailed knowledge of the nearest future. After perceiving at first entire matter as mystification, certain advertising trick before the output of the new book, Ostrogorskiy finally understands, that the writer is actually killed.
It is printed in the publishing house "afina" by the name "there is no prophet..."
5. "angel from the netherworld". Main hero Artur osorgin, who passed through two wars: Afghan and in Chechnya, from where it by birth, occurs as a result out of the law. It arrives in Moscow, where he becomes acquainted with The the ingoy Of reutovoy, and through it with its husband by Ivan reutov, owner and multi-millionaire, to whom exactly in the period of the appearance Of osorgina occurs strong pressure up to its theft.
Artur enters into the fight and conquers. After which it leaves to America, where it falls into the international force on the fight with the Mafia, and first of all of Russian, under the beginning to Roger to Washington.
6. "namesake on the nickname artist". Main hero Vyacheslav Barishev. But in this novel finally all heroes of previous: Vyacheslav kazantsev, Kerk of Kennedy, Roger Washington, Igor ostrogorskiy, Artur osorgin and Vyacheslav Barishev are gathered together and forms "UNITED NATIONS" - the force of special designation. However, in the novel to Moscow arrives the school friend of the glory Of kazantseva, which already the third decade lives in America. There it was married, but children they do not have, and therefore they decided to adopt girl from Russia. They designed all papers with the Russian- American firm, but girl to them so they did not bring. And the most surprising, that took from them not the kopeck of money. Namesakes start on investigation, but the glory Of kazantsev at the last moment occurs in the hospital with inflamed appendicitis, so that investigation completely lies down on the arms of Barishev's glory.
Now find in the work novels, in which all heroes act together against the international Mafia as the force of the special designation:
7. "fellow-soldier"
8. "black international"
9. "Keen not it will be"
10. "unlucky wretch will pay for everything"
11. "d'Artan'yan from Bobruysk"
12. the "notes of rogue"
Novel in the genre of "fantasy".
History of the journey of ork Azimit Ali Don on all limits in the searches for the secret of its damnation. For writing of novel Slav pre-Christian folklore is used, and therefore by the satellites Azimita become domovik Baby Tsmok, fox-cub Shretel, the person Gyuryata Rogovich (leshi Vedashem have converted him to into the bear). Fate not skimp, therefore they on the way do not have deficiency in the obstacles and the dangerous adventures, in which they encounter both with the people and different evil: by witches, water, by vedunami, by svitizyankami.
In two books:
With the subsequent continuation.
"FINITA la tragedy"
Theatrical novel
Phantasmagoric histories, which occurred with the actors of capital "theater on the stepladder" in the happy stagnant times.
The book left with Mark Zakharov's preface. All rights belong to the author.
Continuation of novel "finita "la tragedy". In this novel all heroes of previous one way or another fall in the emigration into Germany.
Novel about the "uncalled-for generation". Covers period from the beginning of the end of "thaw" to the bloom of the "epoch of stagnation". Strange ideas occurred to people at the moment of "thaw" - this was one of them: to revive komsomol. Create inside it Kommunar motion, and head it had to - commissioners. The here main hero of novel - Kim Kanev becomes the commissioner of the Kommunar camp, which was called "starry republic". The replaced management of the country it rapidly recognized all ideas of "thaw" - as vicious, and including idea with the revival of komsomol. The acknowledgement of errors was the basis of our entire socialist reality, and therefore all companions-in-arms of commissioner kanevskiy quickly were reconstructed. This did not occur with it. In its faith it proved to be by maximalist. And when it finally realized, then understood in order to overtake them, it is necessary to spend not only forces, but also to urgently reexamine all its persuasions. "change in the blood" occurs with it almost instantly, on the eyes in all - the maximalist becomes conformist.
Second part of the trilogy
Third part of the trilogy
Ironic fantasy
It is printed in the publishing house "tekst"


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