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How do you do, the respected authors!
We invite you to participate in the literary collector "epilogue", with the aid of which we are of interests of the talented authors in the leading publishing houses of Russia and Ukraine.
The almanac produced by us includes the most interesting works of different genres, the composition of monthly collector is formed according to the agreement with the authors of the represented works.
After the output of publication, print run, with exception of author's copies, sends to publishing houses "Rosm3n- rosm3n-press", "eksmo", the "amphora", the "Neva", "Zakharov", "makhaon", "fluid", "alphabet" and the unions of the writers of Russia and Ukraine.
Thus, your works can be evaluated on the merit by the mentioned organizations and their representatives will be connected with you for further collaboration with the assignment of the author's fee.
On all questions to be connected with us it is possible with address
Address of page in the Internet:
Editor in chief, Zolotkovskaya Tais.
Publishing house "novy1 izdatel6ski1 dom"
"new publishing house" invites the authors of the books of computer thematics with the calculation for the long-term cooperation. So that your manuscript we within the shortest periods have examined, it is necessary to send to the name of editor in chief miroshnikovoy Ekaterina gennadiyevny ( the following materials:
the name of the book (desirably several versions) and the brief annotation, in which it would be indicated for what audience it was calculated this book;
- the information about the author or the authors;
- the expanded contents of the book;
- the small fragments of text from the different parts of the book (sufficient 2-3 fragments on 2 pages Word).
The conditions of publication are discussed only after the approval of work.
Publishing group OF "AST"
Publishing group ASTis opened for the mutually advantageous cooperation. In order to begin collaboration from your side it is necessary to send to the name of editor in chief Nikolai Andreevich's Naumenko the following materials:

the name of the book and the brief annotation
the information about the author or the authors
the text of work, if this is novel, then synopsis (summary) and the first 3 chapters
contact telephone, address, e-mail

Materials should be sent on the mail - 129085, Moscow, starry avenue, 21, publishing group AST (with the notation to editor in chief) or on the electronic mail - (in the theme of communication to indicate "for the editor in chief").
If you send work on the electronic mail, then the text of work and information about yourselves send in the form of fastened arkhivirovannykh..doch it is file.
Period of the examination of the proposals of the authors in our publishing house of 1-3 months.
The conditions of publication are discussed only after the approval of work.
The manuscripts do not return and do not criticize.
We desire to you successes!
Publishing house Of "gayatri"
The publishing house Of "gayatri" greets you and invites to the creative union. The command Of "gayatri" continuously searches for the authors, interested to write consonant the mission of publishing house. Collaboration with us is possible in many versions, for example:
1. if you, until now, wrote "into the table", and you have finished narrative or novels, we with the interest will become acquainted with them and will examine the possibility of publication.
2. if you foster the idea of work, which approaches "gayatri" on the thematics and on the vision, we will discuss with you the versions of the development of subject and we will actively inspire to the realization of creative concepts.
3. if you already write in somewhat other foreshortening, and now they suddenly understood that the mission Of "gayatri" to you was close as nothing another; if in you the saturated and bright literary language, i.e., you - the scattering of virtues and the well of talents, we with happiness share with our ideas, which in this union, undoubtedly, will be with the ease personified.
4. if to you frequently come ideas, phrases and means, if you are observant, you thinly feel life, but they are not assured in its writer abilities, we will find you literary editor and will help to begin to write.
Thus, if the thematics of our project is close and interesting to you, if you want to realize in this literary region, if hack writing - your fire and your purpose, we will be glad are glad to see you among our associates and friends.
Send questions, proposals and texts to synthesis- editor "gayatri" to the fidget Of parfenovoy with the address:
Publishing house "ripol classicist"
Publishing house "ripol classicist" collects the command of the potential authors with the prospect for further advance, who manage literary language.
Genres: highly topical, detective, sentimental literature, fantasy and mysticism.
We await your bells on the bodies: (095) 270-02-02, 270-02-03 (dob. 105)...
Information about itself and models it is text, written in the literary style, send on
Publishing house "Vagrius" - into the editorial staff, on all questions
Page of the contacts
PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY Of "tsentrpoligraf"
To authors of the female and youth prose
Even if you still nowhere were published, but they were ready to tedious and creative work, the publishing house Of tsentrpoligraf to preparedly propose to you collaboration within the framework of genre "contemporary female prose". We are glad to examine any your work: it can be calculated for the readers of different age and different gustatory preferences. Your claim will be examined during 30 days. Even if it is deflected, to you they will report this, without making it necessary to be lost in the guesses.
They must enter into claim:
° the name of the work
° annotation or synopsis (summary)
° the complete text 2-3x first chapters
° if is possible, to indicate, to what age of reader the work is calculated
° brief information about the author: name, surname, patronymic; reference on the publication (including in Internet- publications) - if there is; thematics and the genres, within the framework of which the author prefers to work; contact telephones and address (including e-mail)
At least one large work must be already completely written up to the moment of supplying claim.
Requirements for the manuscript
° the volume of work of approximately 10 a. l. (400 000 signs)
° if the manuscript in the electronic form, then it it is better to send in the arkhivirovannom form (RAR or ZIP)
We await your proposals with the address:
PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY Of "tsentrpoligraf"
111024, Moscow, the 1st street of enthusiasts, 15
Telephone: (095) 781-45-46, 781-45-47. Fax: (095) 673-41-55
Publishing house "azbuka"
Dear friends!
Publishing house "azbuka" is opened for the collaboration with the Russian and foreign authors and the translators, who work in the most varied genres.
We with the interest will examine your claims, sent into the publishing house on the electronic mail or on the fax. In the claim we request you compulsory to report the following information:
* the author
* the name
* the genre
* the volume of the work
* the brief description of subject or theme of the work
As far as possible, we also request you to send for the acquaintance the small fragment of work for the acquaintance with your style. This substantially uprostit the process of making a decision about publication.
Depending on genre membership and thematics of your work or transfer, we recommend to you to be turned to the following colleagues of publishing house in Saint Petersburg:
Editorial staff FROM, the popular science and lexical- reference literature
Managing By editorial staff - Nina Aleksandrovna zhizhina
bodies. 327 04 55, dob. 730
Editorial staff of genre literature (fantasy, fentezi, detectives)
Managing By editorial staff - Denis Nikolayevich Lobanov
bodies. 327 04 55, dob. 722
Editorial staff of the classical and contemporary literature
Managing By editorial staff - Sergey Alexandrovich Antonov
bodies. 327 04 55, dob. 730
If we more conveniently transmit claim and other materials in Moscow to you, you can turn into the Moscow representation of commercial house the alphabet:
Director Of representation - Denis Yevgen'evich Of veselov
Post address: ul. Large academic, d. 1б, str.2
+7 095 150 5211
792 5068
792 5069
729 3902
Publishing house "Eksmo"
If you want so that your manuscripts would be published in the publishing house "Eksmo", you can send them to the examination on the electronic mail. Address -
So that you burn your materials into the necessary hands, we request you to indicate in the text of letter the genre, in which is written your work.
It is also desirable so that the sent text would be in size Microsoft Word
Period of the examination of the proposals of the authors in our publishing house - about 3 months.
The manuscripts do not criticize.
Publishing house "Sofia"
Publishing house "sofi4" is interested in the search of the new authors.
Are examined brief proposals on the publication of the books from the direct authors, or the representatives of the authors. For the composition of proposal it is necessary to use the form of that placed on the site of publishing house.
First of all the proposals of the books similar on the thematics (you look the catalog of the books of publishing house "sofi4")are examined.
We can guarantee answer only to the proposals interested us.
The electronic versions of the books, sent on e -ma1l as the proposal, are examined only in the exceptional cases.
Reprinting of materials from the site
without the permission of the authors it is forbidden
authors | publishing house | where it is possible to publish texts? |
the author searches for publisher |  vacancy and resume
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