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He's writes stories, essay, verses.
He's were borne in Novosibirsk in 1975.
From the youth it fell into the nourishing slop - rock-n -roll, and subsequently also role get-together. From this "slop" was borne the stylistics of its works and the specific character of the themes: black humor, ironical philosophy, the sentimental lyric poetry, the skill to glance at long ago the familiar works and the themes at uncommon angle.
Since 1992 it got stuck in Tyumen, being trained on istfake of Tyumen State University. Alas, it did not finish teaching. That it does not prevent it from loving and knowing history.
Since 1998 it works in the sphere of the radio-, of tele-, web- and newspaper journalism.

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... Judas for long and amorous selected rope in a commercial number. It is nagging spit in the hands, it passed through the knotty tenacious fingers with the black nails. With the sigh it threw conversely merchant - round-shouldered, skosobochennyy - and passed to the following, snatching out from the heap of twisted hemp and hemp ropes that catching the fancy. Thus it continued so much time, that the shadow of the peg of old solar it was hour it had time to move for two divisions, having slantwise crossed ugrevshuyusya on the rock circle yashcherku.
Entire commercial number already buzzed as beehive in the period of honey gathering.
- what this is it? Here already wisdom - rope to select!
- do not interfere, man to the matter concerning the mind approaches!
- with the mind? Zokhen of vey, yes you to its face look! 4 with similar on the main road it was afraid to be encountered... - beard by shreds, eyes run... 3, yes it, probably, killed someone!
- the same Judas from Kariota, it earlier all gadded by tail after this mad nazoreyem.
- A indeed there was this courteous young person, it is always purely dressed, polite... He told 4 in its native - do not release it to this preacher!
- here they were hitched, accurately flies hum! Let does select rope how much he does want, you- that that?
- 31, Judas! You, in no way, did decide to hang?
- A they speak, that to tramp three days ago arrested soldiers, and here this, from Kariota, them it helped...
- well it is correct! Something people to agitate, it is time was to it lashes extract...
- shityu plet'mi it did not there manage. They stir, that they crucified it.
- Eva! What zh it similar did produce?
Judas did not listen to. To him exactly fell extra-heavy rope, and it only smiled in response to the tongue twister of balding old man after the counter - "tarred, Mr., century will serve without the flaw!". Black purse reached because of the belt, pulled string and at once poured out the heap of silver coins to the counter. Purse threw down, and it negligently moved coin by palm to the side of the been stupefied merchant.
- take away, old man. Give- give, here thirty silver, to family happiness, to you profit. Pray for Nazoreya, about which by languages they here scutch. Yes do not forget for Judas, arrived my time.
The dead silence, which hung over above entire number to those instants, when coins fell from moshny, exploded by the excited phrases.
- it saw! Here this yes! But 4 still and I tell Samuel to Ben Abraham - it is said, not without purpose it so for long looks yes he selects!
- Ekhkh... Here already it transported to old block! More money it obtained, than in always, what here torchit... - evidently, bad this of money, plait they to it hand. Go away from it, son, not stoy number.
- also said - "plait"! 31, Judas, present to me so much silver! Already me- that they burn nothing not will be!
That, on whom were inverted all greedy, bright eyes, threw up on the arm the circle of rope, it unrolled and went through the crowded crowd, separating people by arm and without ceasing to somewhat strangely smile. Solidly stepping by the worn sandals on the worn plates of road, Judas left the urban gates.
It did not pass even hundred impacts of heart, but market already returned to the previous matters and forgot alarming buyer, after leaving in its memory only flannelette about the unprecedented success, which visited the salesman of twisted stumps, yes about nekoyem Judas, it is unknown where who hung himself into the atonement of his treachery.
... Judas stopped after the winches. He stood a certain time, looking downward, as if step in no way could decide to make. Then it descended from the paved road and went far, to the vineyards. Gradually its spin it straightened, as if millstone after the millstone fell from the invisible mill of soul.
View became sharp and solid. Still several steps - and rope together with the worn dirty raincoat almost noiselessly fell for the road, opening white mantle with several drops of the blood, which were being strangely vividly shone in the evening light.
Jesus went towards the students.

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authors | publishing house | where it is possible to publish texts? |
the author searches for publisher |  vacancy and resume
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