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It were borne on 5 April, 1972. Experience of the journalistic work: article for the journal "Skynet".
Dmitriy - man with the staggering feeling of internal freedom. Freedoms of dependence on the things of immediate and be transienting. It to also relate is sufficiently quiet to the creative reputation. But therefore all its verses and stories appear only if cannot be not been expressed already simply. They - the children of clean inspiration.
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Table, chair, sofa, refrigerator... Are more precise, the scratched table, the pressed down chair, squeaking ottoman and refrigerator "ZIL" with the automobile knob. Larger six-meter, four on one-and-a-half meter, room contain could not. However, more and not it was... People, which carried Yefrosinya Petrovna, struggled about the angles and materilis'. Someone darkly joked - "Ish' of furniture gained trying - not to be turned". As a result the chair became not only pressed down, but also lame, on the table it was added scratches, but enormous dent decorated refrigerator. However, in sofa was scattered the pile of the books, which substituted leg, but this was reparable, and interior association harmoniously sochlo by its least victim. On that they were quieted... But then in the room appeared new tenant - vikhrastyy and noisy. Refrigerator reported that this "Frosin grandson". News to it transmitted Darya Petrovna's refrigerator Of korostylevoy, the tenant large angular room with the windows to the prospectus. Refrigerator, by means of the electric brush, associated with many to itself similar, including, it goes without saying, with all freezing aggregates of their nemalen'koy kommunalki, and he knew that it was spoken on the kitchen and in the majority of rooms. Quiet and God-fearing, new tenant did not resemble Yefrosinya Petrovna, old lady - he smoked in the room, flapped by door and threw thing where it fell... this was completely even not badly, since by the things, be casten "where it fell", frequently occurred the sufficiently interesting books and periodicals. Table and sofa, that were taken to to reading even with the tenant, who occupied room long before Yefrosinya pavlovny, were by literature by no means spoiled. Since that tenant they took away on March night thirty of the seventh, the reading public in the room it did not live. But new tenant in this respect greatly commanded table and sofa - he spread on them not only the books, periodicals and newspapers, but also the manuscript.
Soon in the room appeared girl, slender and vostroglazaya. It became somewhat more comfortable, and in the depths of refrigerator saucepans and frying pans began to pass the night. Even curtain appeared, but it was absolutely uneducated, since the books and periodicals, as table and sofa it did not read, yes even to the electric brush as refrigerator, not it was connected. by Fool- fool, but therefore in our further narration of no role it played... Like the chair, which before the appearance of a curtain simply did not live, after being scattered with one of the first appearances of a girl. Must be from the enthusiasm... As a result for young people it was necessary to sit on the sofa two together. By one seat, it is clear, the matter did not end - sofa honestly tried not to squeak... On the whole, began they to live all together. Girl bound, read or slept, tenant wrote at night, and in the daytime he departed, after connecting fruits of night vigils into the folder with the ribbons. It returned sad and evil, threw folder under the sofa, and he told word, in all in the room, certainly known, but unusual. It occurred also on other - if tenant added one two sheets into the transparent folder, he could returned with the money. Was called this "to loaf". Interior was puzzled - word "hack work" in them was solidly associated with the tenant By nikishinym, whom they usually brought in after it into the room, since it was mortuary drunk there was abundance of special not - from where to it was undertaken if refrigerator was empty, girl sat on the sofa, after embracing elbows, and sadly it looked into the window, but tenant stitched osobeno furiously, transferring paper doubly against the usual.
From the fact that the refrigerator as that was empty whole week all and it began... Table grew to bank note. Thus, directly mezhlu by the deserted to it book and by itself it grew. Do not ask, as this succeeded for it, but fact to face - banknosta it was. Followed after the cry - "Sunny, here, occurs, always lay stol'nik", visit to store proved to be successful. Table was flattered, that the note was named in its honor. Already then it learned to supplement the deserted to the table bundles cigarette. This when refrigerator decided to prove that it also in vain does not eat master electricity. First it could only raise to the pair of centimeters within the night the bit of sausage deserted in it or add approximately to so many the bottle with vegetable oil. But through the pair of months it no longer only could organize everything in its jingling inside, anything (corona of its creation it was the bank of black roe), but also it learned tolerably to prepare. At least tenants could not distinguish its culinary works of the dishes, prepared by girl. Sofa greatly suffered, that almost can in no way soak to tenants - in always it knew how to only learn to shed the medicinal smell of "grassy miracle- pillow", on the prescription, found by it in some periodical. But precisely the sofa of podal the idea, which changed literally everything. "will be sufficient half-measures" - somehow, proskripel it, when in the room no one not it was - "I propose to solve problem radically". Refrigerator with the table it was they were agitated: "we here, of all forces, and you, pitiful parasite!", but they listened idea, and on the sensible reflection they arrived at the unanimous approval.
To begin they decided from the "hack work" - however, refrigerator developed feverish activity in the collection of information on the theme - "that actually they think housewife" with its multi-numbernoy of kitchen secret service agency. For this it even associated with mikrovolnovkami and mixers, which in the secret it always despised. Table learned to conduct the knob of tenant. First in it only orthographical errors were obtained, but gradually it entered into the taste and, as the saying goes, it crowded hand. It as that even wrote poem, it is sufficient, however, plain. Nevertheless tenant udivlenno was glanced to the sheet, and to the morning he proudly read all eight lines to girl. Girl approved. And here came that day, when tenant sat down at the sequential hack work. Result exceeded all expectations - it returned he, against the habit, in the excellent arrangement of spirit, proudly shmyaknul to the table the bundle of money he said that they proposed a constant contract to him. Furniture obshchestvenost' solved, that came the time to try itself in the present literature. Table sharpened style and style, simultaneously recollecting the histories from its almost age-long life of every kind. Refrigerator in retrievals for information was connected with the kitchen technology azh in themselves Paris and Vienna, and sofa permanently insisted on the start in the work of the "healthy portion of eroticism", on which it, allegedly, dock. On the writing the masterpiece was packed into the traditional folder with the ribbons and by means of the tenant it was sent for the uncertainty. The tenant was very excited on the return. He first caught girl and turned it on the room, first with the laughter he were brought down to the sofa, then it threw about on the room the leaves previously the rejected manuscripts.
After the publication of the third novel, for which heavenly bodies reward, possibly even international, tenant decided to cross... It purchased apartment, it trod itself on the threshold, muttering under the nose something pathetic, and it departed. "this junk", naturally, it left where it was. Kommunalku they settled, into the apartment entered certain Gamarintsev, according to the communications of newspapers the industrialist and Maecenas. From the room, too narrow and dark for the stay they made a pantry, and they rejected furniture... Table, after lying in the rain the pair of days, was burnt together with the fingered listvoy. On the sofa jumped rebyatnya, until it in no way is pulled down. Fragments as that unnoticeably disappeared. Refrigerator entire tazhe youngsters appointed tank, and for the pushchego convenience she deprived door. It terribly longed for the society of other refrigerators, osobeno of Parisian and Viennese, it rusted and it was brought to the urban dump.
(c) 07.01.2002 D. Adeyanov

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