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the introduction
hauberk and lamellar armor. X-XI the century
helmet with the the barmitsa. X century. X century
hauberk (schema of production)
armor is scaly. XI century
the splitting weapon
helmets. XI-XIII century
armors from the plates and the scale
warrior. XII century
hauberk. XII-XIII century
the chopping weapon
helmet with the half-mask and barmitsa. XII-XIII century
armor is lamellar. VIII the century
the shields
archer. XIII century
the impact weapon
armors. XIII-XIV century
the banner
arbalest. XIV century
the missile weapon
kolontar'. XIV century
baydana. XV century
kuyak. XVI century
swords and the sabre
yushman. XVI century
chaldar (horse attire). XVI century
the helmets
archer. XVI century
tegilyay. XVI century
bakhterets and tarch. XVI century
zertsalo. XVII century
rynda. XVI-XVII century
ceremonial armors. XVII century
yushman. XVI century
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
yushman. XVI century

"... Nacha of vooruzhatisya. of yushman to itself to klasti "(Nikonovskaya chronicle). For the first time this form of setting armor is mentioned in 1548, propagation obtains, obviously, somewhat earlier. Yushman, or yumshan (from the Persian "dj awshan"), represents chain armor jacket with that intertwined on the breast and the back by the collection of horizontal plates. To the production of yushmanov. of usually weighed 12-15 kg, went about 100 plates, which were mounted with the small allowance to each other. Yushman could rush above the hauberk, had complete section from the neck to the hem, it were put on into the sleeves as caftan, being buttoned by fastenings - "kyurkami" and loops. Sometimes the "boards" of yushmana were directed by gold or silver: this armor could cost very dearly. The hands of soldier, dressed in yushman or in another form of armor, protected from the elbow to the wrist by naruchami. In hands naruchi were connected by rectangular plates - chrevtsami, and to the hand they were fastened with belts.
A. Yurasovskiy
"Russian armors X-XVII centurys".
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
© depictive skill ". Moscow. 1983

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