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the introduction
hauberk and lamellar armor. X-XI the century
helmet with the the barmitsa. X century. X century
hauberk (schema of production)
armor is scaly. XI century
the splitting weapon
helmets. XI-XIII century
armors from the plates and the scale
warrior. XII century
hauberk. XII-XIII century
the chopping weapon
helmet with the half-mask and barmitsa. XII-XIII century
armor is lamellar. VIII the century
the shields
archer. XIII century
the impact weapon
armors. XIII-XIV century
the banner
arbalest. XIV century
the missile weapon
kolontar'. XIV century
baydana. XV century
kuyak. XVI century
swords and the sabre
yushman. XVI century
chaldar (horse attire). XVI century
the helmets
archer. XVI century
tegilyay. XVI century
bakhterets and tarch. XVI century
zertsalo. XVII century
rynda. XVI-XVII century
ceremonial armors. XVII century
kolontar'. XIV century
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
kolontar'. XIV century

"Chyudno of styazi in to the Don velikago are ploughed gonfalons to berchati, shine kalantyri of zlacheny" ("Zadonshchina"). Kolontar' - armors without the sleeves of two halves, front and rear, that were being buttoned on arms and sides of cuirassier by iron buckles. Each half from the neck to the belt composed numbers of the large metallic horizontally located plates, fastened by chain armor netting. In belt was fastened chain armor network - hem - to the elbows. The spinal plates of kolontarya were done thinner and it is less than breast. When kolontar' was the part of the ceremonial armors, then, decorated with gold incision, engraving, split ornament, it rose in the price to 1000 rubles - sum, astronomical for the XVII century.
The Russian armors, similar to kolontaryu, highly valued in the neighbors of Moscow state. "yes granted prince great, he sent the third to the year of armour; and it walked to the enemies, yes armour lost; and it would grant armour it sent", wrote in Moscow in 1491 the Crimean khan with Mengli- weight, whose request and naive craftiness - best certificate of the high craftsmanship of Russian knights.
A. Yurasovskiy
"Russian armors X-XVII centurys".
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
© depictive skill ". Moscow. 1983

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