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the introduction
hauberk and lamellar armor. X-XI the century
helmet with the the barmitsa. X century. X century
hauberk (schema of production)
armor is scaly. XI century
the splitting weapon
helmets. XI-XIII century
armors from the plates and the scale
warrior. XII century
hauberk. XII-XIII century
the chopping weapon
helmet with the half-mask and barmitsa. XII-XIII century
armor is lamellar. VIII the century
the shields
archer. XIII century
the impact weapon
armors. XIII-XIV century
the banner
arbalest. XIV century
the missile weapon
kolontar'. XIV century
baydana. XV century
kuyak. XVI century
swords and the sabre
yushman. XVI century
chaldar (horse attire). XVI century
the helmets
archer. XVI century
tegilyay. XVI century
bakhterets and tarch. XVI century
zertsalo. XVII century
rynda. XVI-XVII century
ceremonial armors. XVII century
helmet with the the barmitsa. X century. X century
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
helmet with the the barmitsa. X century. X century

Helmet (metallic head-gear of soldier) since olden times existed in Russia. In Ix- X centuries the helmets were done from several metallic plates, which were being connected between themselves by rivets. After assembling the helmet was decorated with silver, gold and iron cover plates with the ornament, inscriptions or images. In those times was extended the smoothly bent, elongated upwards helmet with the rod above. West Europe did not know the helmets of this form completely, but they were widely disseminated both in front Asia and in Russia. However, four preserved from THE X century military nagolov'yam of this type include two helmets from the famous Chernigov barrow black grave, one - of the Chernigov barrow To gul'bishche and one - of the large Gnezdovskogo barrow on Smolenshchine. This is how archaeologist D described helmet from the black grave. 4. Samokvasov, that investigated in 1872-1873 this burial: helmet "... it consists of four iron plates, stretched over by the bronze plates of triangular form, connected by sharp angles by dull helmet... " Helmet from it is jack, by form repeating Chernigov, it is covered with the iron carved plates, which resemble wooden thread.
From behind and it is lateral to this helmet it were fastened the chain armor grid - "barmitsa", which protected neck and arms of soldier.
A. Yurasovskiy
"Russian armors X-XVII centurys".
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
© depictive skill ". Moscow. 1983

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