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the introduction
hauberk and lamellar armor. X-XI the century
helmet with the the barmitsa. X century. X century
hauberk (schema of production)
armor is scaly. XI century
the splitting weapon
helmets. XI-XIII century
armors from the plates and the scale
warrior. XII century
hauberk. XII-XIII century
the chopping weapon
helmet with the half-mask and barmitsa. XII-XIII century
armor is lamellar. VIII the century
the shields
archer. XIII century
the impact weapon
armors. XIII-XIV century
the banner
arbalest. XIV century
the missile weapon
kolontar'. XIV century
baydana. XV century
kuyak. XVI century
swords and the sabre
yushman. XVI century
chaldar (horse attire). XVI century
the helmets
archer. XVI century
tegilyay. XVI century
bakhterets and tarch. XVI century
zertsalo. XVII century
rynda. XVI-XVII century
ceremonial armors. XVII century
ceremonial armors. XVII century
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
ceremonial armors. XVII century

"on the father my of armor of zlaty and by shelom zlat kameniyem dragim and by the pearls of sazhen, and brothers my be into silver bronekh, only shelomy of zlaty...", it is said in the ancient narrative. Specifically, this impression is created from the precious armament, manage by which could only the tsars and their governors. Ceremonial armors were decorated with silver, gold, precious stones, framed by filigree mountings, were covered with engraving. Decorative- ceremonial armors were zertsala OF THE XVII century of the work of Dimitry Konovalov, Nikity of Davydov, Grigoriy vyatkin - masters of weapons order. Zertsala, prepared by Konovalov in 1616 for tsar Mikhail Fedorovich, were evaluated at THE XVII century into 1500 rubles (while the price of series armor it varied then from 5 to 10 rubles). Well matched with the ceremonial armors there was the decoration of horse. "A as they then conducted gosudarevu stable, wrote Danish resident Of mois Hay, that on the horses of archaki and shabracks and entire detail it was studded by pearls and precious stones". "in the main leaders and the notable persons, reported visited 1588 in Russia Englishman D. Fletcher, horses were covered with rich harness, saddles from the gold brocade, uzdy are also luxurious removed by gold, with the silk bakhramoyu".
A. Yurasovskiy
"Russian armors X-XVII centurys".
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
© depictive skill ". Moscow. 1983

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