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the introduction
hauberk and lamellar armor. X-XI the century
helmet with the the barmitsa. X century. X century
hauberk (schema of production)
armor is scaly. XI century
the splitting weapon
helmets. XI-XIII century
armors from the plates and the scale
warrior. XII century
hauberk. XII-XIII century
the chopping weapon
helmet with the half-mask and barmitsa. XII-XIII century
armor is lamellar. VIII the century
the shields
archer. XIII century
the impact weapon
armors. XIII-XIV century
the banner
arbalest. XIV century
the missile weapon
kolontar'. XIV century
baydana. XV century
kuyak. XVI century
swords and the sabre
yushman. XVI century
chaldar (horse attire). XVI century
the helmets
archer. XVI century
tegilyay. XVI century
bakhterets and tarch. XVI century
zertsalo. XVII century
rynda. XVI-XVII century
ceremonial armors. XVII century
archer. XIII century
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
archer. XIII century

Ancient Slavs at the dawn of their history battled in essence by foot. Old-Russian state in the wars with Byzantium (X century) yet does not know cavalry. The feudalization of society and troops leads to its appearance at the end OF THE X century. To the appearance of cavalry contributes continuous war with the steppe - Pechenegs, torkami, Polovetss. To withstand against the nomads, without having available the cavalry, it was impossible.
To THE XII century Russian cavalry is added by the significant force, stops and repulses strong pressure of nomadic peoples to the boundaries of Kiev state.
Horse army consisted of the heavily armed riders - kopeyshchikov and the light cavalry - archers. Kopeyshchiki - force specially created for attack and string of decisive battle. Collision action "kopeynogo- of impact with sshibke with the enemy frequently predetermined the outcome of battle.
The designation of archers was different. They carried out "reconnaissance in force", probed the forces of enemy, enticed by his false flight, performed protection. The main weapon of archer - bow and of arrow - they were supplemented with axe, bludgeon, bulavoy, by panel or by the metallic armor, variety of which could be lamellar armor, the prototype of subsequent bakhtertsa. Into the composition of archers, in essence, entered the "young", i.e., the low on the position terms of guard.
A. Yurasovskiy
"Russian armors X-XVII centurys".
Artist Vladimir Semenov.
© depictive skill ". Moscow. 1983

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